This is a web app for rolling dice! Roll the 7 standard polyhedral dice or use standard dice expressions to roll anything you want.

Dice Expressions

This app uses the rolldice library. Here are some of the cool dice expressions supported by the library.


A normal, boring roll.

Roll one 20-sided die and give the result.


More dice! And operators!

Roll three six-sided dice and one four-sided die, and add all the numbers together. Then subtract 2 from the result.

You can use all the following operators in your expression:

4d6d1 & 4d6k3

Roll some D&D stats!

Use k or d to keep or drop dice in the roll.

Roll four six-sided dice and drop the lowest one. Or, roll four six-sided dice and keep the highest 3.

2d20kl1 & 2d20dh1

Rolling with disadvantage?

kl keeps the lowest roll and dh drops the highest roll. Like k and d above, you can specify the number of dice to keep or drop.


Re-roll based on certain rules.

Roll one 20-sided die. Reroll if the result is less than 3.

You can use the following operators:

About the Project

This project was created by Kathryn Hartog.

You can find me on Twitter

The project is on GitHub and hosted by GitHub Pages.